Here is a remixed version of Roya, by Tohi and DJ Mamsi. Some parts of the track are re-recorded to make it different than the original one.

This is a gift from Tohi for Persian New Year.

Enjoy it!


Behtarin Doost By Tohi

Tohi has recently released a new single track, "Behtarin Doost" (the best friend). "Behtarin doost", is a song all about the role of mother in life and how she support her kids to success in life. Truly such a person is the best friend of life.

Tohi released this track on his mother's birthday, as a gift to appreciate her for all the support.






Tohi is releasing a new album called 'Tohi' which this album is a selection of all Tohi's tracks from 2008 till 2014. Which the profit of this album will be donated to charities in Iran. Now you can download “Tohi” album from all international music stores.

Download on iTunes

Recently a new competition is organised by Tohi. It is open to everyone and all participants should sing on the beat of ‘In Chie?!’ which is one of Tohi's tracks.

The lyrics and the style should be new, also the higher quality is recommended but it will not be counted in choosing the best song. Therefore, any quality is acceptable.

Prize: The best singer (chosen song) will have a free song by A.B.Z and under Tohi’s direct supervision.

To download ‘In Chie?!’ in mp3 format click here. Also wav format is available which you can download it here.

Your final song should be submitted to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by 30th April 2013.

Note: insults are highly prohibited and will not be accepted in the competition.

Tohi Available on iTunes

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